[ANN] Whitelist of AIR Staking.

The AIR community has decided to launch AirSwap soon, an aggregation of AMM dex and crypto derivatives, with the O2(oxygen) token as its native token.

The AirSwap transaction fees will be distributed to O2 token holders.

Details here:

(1) There is no pre-mining, no private placement, and the O2 token can only be minted by AIR staking.

(2) The addresses on the whitelist will begin staking 90 days earlier than other addresses.

(3) All addresses holding non-disabled AIRNFT will automatically receive the whitelist-A license.

(4) All addresses who participated in the “30-month-lock-up-plan” before April 25, 2022, will receive the whitelist-B license automatically.

(5) Holders of AIR tokens must lock up the tokens for 30 months under the 30-month-lock-up-plan.

After the AIR token is unlocked after 30 months, all the tokens will be released in 100 months (1% per month).

(6) The maximum stake amount for the whitelist-A is 1% of the total amount of AIR locked into the AIRNFT.

(7) The maximum stake amount of the whitelist-B is 50% of the total amount of AIR locked by the “30-month-lock-up plan”.

(8) We will announce the CA of the “30-month-lock-up-plan” ASAP.

Your address will automatically get the whitelist-B license as long as transferring the AIR token to the CA.

AirCoin DAO Labs



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